Welcomes You To The Palace Page!

Greetings and salutations from the Dweller in the Citystate of the Vincible Overlord!

In the various palaces on the net, I will ALWAYS be on as "xvart" (until the wild and crazy lawyers from T.S.R. catch up with me I suppose), and will typically be wearing one of the following four avatar images:(you can probably guess that the FIRST avatar I built for Palace was the flame figure)
Water Elemental Wind Elemental Fire Elemental Earth Elemental
Water Wind Fire Earth

FYI: yes...these masks ARE reflections or metaphors for my reality....For example, I.R.L., I have red hair, and blue eyes....YOU can have fun figuring out the rest.

Also, while HERE the images are static (until a few more folks with animated GIF browsers get out there), in Palace, they DO have some action about them. To Top Of Page Back To Home Page

Please Email Me with any Kudos, Work Offers, string-free Gifts (cash accepted with good humor), Wise Thoughts or Humorous Bits.