I have been turning large pieces of wood into small pieces, then gluing them back together to make large pieces again for WAY too many years now. It is a great hobby (and BOY would I like to make it self-supporting)

Be that as it may, HERE are a number of thumbnail images of various projects, current and past. As usual, just click on the small image to get to the big one...
Lamp Pulls, part 1 More Lamp Pulls Maple Plate
Maple Bowl Walnut Bowl, Natural Edge Walnut Bowl, Natural Edge
Walnut Bowl, Natural Edge Padauk, Maple Christmas Tree Ornament
Rope Mattress Doll Bed Miniature House
Misc Items
Music Stand Demountable Table Mirror Box with Stained Glass

Want to see some of the strange things that OTHER folks do with woodworking tools?
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