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Chat Software Notes

Back in the Dark Ages...when only REAL Geeks were able to use the Internet, and we had to look at our monitors by candle-light...we had IRC (Internet Relay Chat). mIRC is the "friendly" version of this...No graphics to speak of, but many slick features, and a vast selection of places to talk, and topics to cover.
A bit ago, a programming group, now known as "Worlds Inc", came up with a workable package for allowing crude, 3D Virtual Reality Chat rooms...A very fun place, with surprising reality, and many opportunities for creativity. I was with them from version 1.0 on to version 9... It is a very good chat environment, but at a current cost of slightly less than $40.00...became TOO expensive.
The Palace. Currently, my place to hang is The Palace This graphical chat software, while NOT 3d, is an excellent environment for expressing creativity. For a bit more information, and a quick peek at what you would see if you encountered me in Palace, check out My Palace Page.
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