The Buck saw Story
I should explain...
A friend of mine, who has a FAR more normal life than I, and spends a goodly amount of it poking about at flea markets and yard sales, ran across this little jewel the other day.

Personally, I kind of liked the macrame work; and I liked the saw; but, I thought that the two of them together kind of sucked like a Black Hole.

So, with about half an hour's work, I managed to remove the cloth art from the bucksaw. With about an hour's MORE work, I got the blade sharpened up a bit and the teeth reset (I knew that saw-set I picked up at auction a few years ago would come in handy sometime) and now, I have a very nice, old, Buck Saw that cuts VERY nicely.

Now, it looks like this (and I am SURE some of you are breathing sighs of relief).

By the by, since this was one of the things that did not sell at the yard sale, she got it for free...(and THAT is a gloat). .

Image of Buck Saw