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Welcome to my home page. There is SOME content here, but, NOT enough to really impact the general trend towards Mindless Drivel on the net....

However, I do want to stop for a moment and thank Trilby and others for their valuable suggestions as to improve the appearance and layout of these pages.

All the following is MY opinion...YOURS may differ, and that is fine...just don't feel it is your bounden duty to flame me over any of them...
The Favorite Phrase in the programming world is "There is more than one way to do that..." so there are a number of alternatives to any of the software or techniques I mention here. These are just the ways I have done things, and tools that I have been pleased with.

Firstly, I have to get in a plug for my work...As an independent software and web consultant, I decided it was only appropriate that I finally create a Company Web Page for myself after spending ALL my time creating (or helping with) pages for other people!
Also, since I am fairly addicted to exploring the human experience I have spent WAY too much time in various chat software. I have some notes and explanations about chat software on-line

Of course, if you already know about chat software, Please hop directly over to My Palace Page

To balance out the surreal nature of programming and working in the Weird World of Software and the Net, I also create items of utility and beauty out of wood. HERE are some examples of my work (and YES, they ARE for sale...Just Email Me for details)
Now, being a creature of habits (including eating), I also have places I really like to spend time.
One of those places is a wonderful little restaurant called Hawkeye's Corner. The Other is called Charlie Pepper's.
If you happen to be in Knoxville, Check it out in person! If not...then poke about These Pages and drool in envy!
And, if I do not get enough amusement out of the restaurant, I have four cats (belonging to my house mate) who act as little blenders to keep ANYTHING that is not nailed down in a constant state of flux.
One of them...named Mimi (and, now, sadly shuffled off this mortal coil)...was quite enamoured of Boxes...
Seasonal stuff...sort of
Well, after some years of ignoring it, some of us managed to get up enthusiasm for a Thanksgiving dinner. My contribution was a cake, an interesting carrot/apple/raisin casserole and some home-baked bread. Want to see the bread, at least? Click the icon...of course. wheat1.gif - 3542 Bytes

So what is the weather like here in Knoxpatch? how about THIS(Courtesy of the Weather Underground):
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